Building genre defining mobile games.

We love people. We love to see happy people.
For this, we create emotions.
Emotions mean happiness and liveliness.
Our way of achieving this goal are new, fresh, genre-defining mobile games.

Who we are

We are experienced developers who are totally creative and totally disciplined.

Yeah, we love the word “and” is so much better than the word “or”. We called it the hidden harmony. But when it comes to our mission we love the words “laser focus”. Our Mission: Building genre defining mobile games. Inside the casual-puzzle genre. And for now, only new mechanics based on the merge-mechanic. Yes. Laser focused.


Deep Work

We are all deep workers. We are disciplined. We have developed our own system of deep work. That means, we all work for a few hours without disruption, without interruption and without distractions on difficult tasks. And we complete them. Because everyone has to complete a task every day.


Only Mobile

We only create games for mobile devices. Our goal is to see happy people. The more people we can make happy, the happier we are. With games on mobile devices, we can reach most players. And inspire them with our games.


Genre Defining

We are here to create something new. Not copying the old winner. Creating a new genre. To create something new means above all to fail. That's why we fail a lot, quickly, and have developed a system how we can do it in a good way. Making successful mobile games is damn hard. When you define a new genre, however, everything is easier.

Do you want to be part of the rise?

We believe in teams and know that we can only do it together.

If you are interested in becoming part of a team that wants to create something great. Come to us.

Full Ownership

Each of us has full responsibility for what he does and what he does not do. So everyone has the chance to really change something.

Grow every day

We want to be a world-class place and environment for you to grow. In your soft and hard skills. Everyone gets a little better every day.


We are totally transparent. We speak openly, show results openly, and admit when we have made mistakes ourselves. With transparency, everything is so much faster.

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